Every year the world famous GRAMMYs feature a promotional art campaign to coincide with their annual award ceremony.  Having already been featured on the GRAMMYs official Instagram feed, they reached out to William Goodman to be a featured artist in the 2017 promotional campaign for the 59th annual GRAMMYs.

William was one of five artists picked to create an original work based on one of the five Song of the Year nominees.  He was asked to design a piece for Justin Bieber’s hit song “Love Yourself” to be featured across multiple platforms including the GRAMMY’s official social media channels.

The project was a perfect fit for William and his pop culture inspired aesthetic. His past works have already featured many famous recording artists including Beyoncé, Prince, and Taylor Swift, to name a few.

William set out to create an iconic image of Justin Bieber and the GRAMMY’s branding so that it would resonate with viewers of the award show and fans of Justin Bieber.  He considered both Justin Bieber and the GRAMMYs themselves as pop culture phenomenons, and gilded the piece in sprays of gold paint. Bieber himself is front and center, giving his signature crooning look. The final piece perfectly encapsulates William’s complex identity as an artist, the GRAMMYs themselves, and the elements of pop stardom by exemplifying the crossroads of artistry, pop culture and consumerism.

The final piece was displayed in the GRAMMY awards promotional material leading up to the 2017 awards ceremony.

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