MS Museum of Art

Mississippi’s premier art museum had an idea to create an ephemeral mural on its outer facade. Goodman was the first artist they approached with the idea that he would paint a mural that would eventually be painted over and replaced with another artist’s mural in a year’s time. Completely free form and with no final plan in mind, Goodman spent several days and nights over the course of a month creating the mural as the community watched on. The mural includes references to pop culture, moments and people who inspired Goodman during the process of painting itself and Goodman’s familiar graffitied edge.

The final product, which Goodman calls Subconscious View-Master became so popular with the museum and local residents that the original idea to paint over it was abandoned. The mural has now become a staple of the museum’s identity and a point of interest for all Jacksonians and visitors.


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