Lululemon Athletica

Athletic wear brand Lululemon Athletica wanted a local artist for their new Jackson, MS store. They were looking for an abstract painting that represented transformation to embody their theme of creating a healthy lifestyle. Having known of William Goodman’s work and his signature abstract style they commissioned him to create the piece.

William had an opportunity to survey the store and get a feel for the space before beginning the work. It was decided the piece should go behind the register so that customers would see it and be inspired to leave the store and begin to transform themselves.

With this in mind William set to work on the piece. He used two of his signature mediums, acrylic and spray paint, in a color palette that Lululemon had requested to represent their brand.  He wanted to create something organic that portrayed motion and moving forward. His brushstrokes were strategically planned to convey that motion, which is reminiscent of rushing water. With cool shades of blue and rose, the final product stays true to the client’s brand image while also being representative of William’s signature style.

The painting invites customers of Lululemon to not only view it, but also react to it. It’s meant to motivate and remind customers of the transformational journey of healthy living.

William’s final piece can be viewed at the Jackson, MS Lululemon store.

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