Coca-Cola Cutrale Fifty Years


It was an honor for William to work with one of the most iconic and recognizable brands in the world for not one, but two commissions. In a gift to the Cutrale family, he wove together the Cutrale family history with poignant images—an orange orchard spreading into the Sao Paolo sky, the original Cutrale truck, portraits of Jose Luis Cutrale flanked by his two sons—all hand-painted. The Cutrale family received the piece at a Coca-Cola ceremony.


Dr. Jill Biden Painting

William was honored to have crafted a gift to Dr. Jill Biden, keynote speaker for Coca-Cola’s 18th Annual Veterans’ Day Employee Celebration. Coca-Cola wanted to give a gift to Dr. Jill Biden for being the guest speaker and highlight her accomplishments throughout her career on the painting. The Former Second Lady has had an active role supporting military families, teaching at community colleges, and working within the Biden Foundation, established to serve as an ally to and supporter of charitable acts and projects to improve our society. Coca-Cola worked closely with Dr. Biden’s team to provide William with the content to lay out the design and ultimate vision for the painting.

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