BankPlus Install

BankPlus has a heart and a story as strong and far-reaching as its foundation. Commissioned to capture that narrative in three large paintings that now hang at BankPlus Headquarters at The District at Eastover, William began thorough research. Working closely with the Marketing Director and the President and CEO, William traveled to every BankPlus location in Mississippi, curating details from the oral and artistic history to show the growth of BankPlus from a single office in Belzoni in 1909 to a community cornerstone for thousands of Mississippians more than a century later. After crafting a digital design and collaborating with the interior designer of the building to decide the image’s color palette, the hand-painted project now hangs on the Wealth Management floor of BankPlus’ headquarters.

The Story of BankPlus I   The Story of BankPlus II

The Story of BankPlus III   Layout 1 for BankPlus 

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