Wier Boerner Allin

Install 1

Jackson, MS based architecture firm Weir Boerner Allin commissioned William Goodman to create three pieces for their newly remodeled offices in the city’s artistic Fondren district. The new building was completely gutted and updated with a strong industrial aesthetic. Included in the remodel was the building of a new three-story “tower” leading up to the main WBA offices on the top floor. This tower was where WBA wanted to hang pieces by a local artist well known to the neighborhood and the city.

WBA sought out William Goodman to create three original pieces for the new space, one for each floor of the tower. They specifically wanted bold, stand out paintings with blasts of color that would resonate with clients and visitors. The project was a perfect fit for William whose aesthetic includes unapologetically loud and colorful abstractions.

William created the three pieces using acrylics, ink and spray paint. Keeping true to his own style and the clients orange branding, he called them flame 1, 2, and 3 for their explosive dynamism and inclusion of fiery orange hues. The three paintings come from the same place, but the forms and compositions vary slightly as if telling a story as you make your way up the tower.

The pieces now hang in the tower, lending it a sophisticated feel through the marriage of modern art in an industrial setting. The pieces showcase WBA’s attention to detail in design for clients, and convey the importance of the firm’s ability to create aesthetically pleasing designs in the natural spaces and cityscapes where they build.

The pieces can currently be seen in WBA’s offices in Jackson, MS.

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