Client-based Commissions

Original art for Corporate and Hospitality Settings

William Goodman collaborates with corporate brands, advertising agencies, architects, hotels, and interior designers to create custom original art for a variety of settings. The finished pieces become visual focal points that seamlessly complement the space while retaining an adventurous aesthetic. William has completed paintings for clients like Estée Lauder, Graduate Hotels, Cathead Distillery, and House of Roulx. William also creates large-scale indoor and outdoor murals for clients like Viking and Mississippi Museum of Art.

Inspired Authenticity

William is sought after for his artistic style and works within client parameters to create original art that surprises and delights. Paintings inspired by collage and street art explode with many elements that, upon closer examination, each refer to elements evoked by clients’ brands. This creates the chemistry of original, authentic art piece that also plays a role in creating a larger brand story.

Much of William’s experience lies in the art gallery world and includes an extensive showing of abstract art. Taking inspiration from colors, attitude, and more allows for the creation of original abstract pieces perfectly suited to a client’s aesthetic.